What is 'The Vehicle Bible'?

We want to ensure we’re open and honest 100% of the time. We carry a vehicle bible in our vans, that contains all the important information our customers and the businesses we work with will need to see. This shows that we are meeting all the regulations and standards of a responsible waste clearance company.


A lot of the documents we carry in The Vehicle Bible are documents you should be requesting to see before you instruct a clearance company to remove any of your waste. Please don’t get caught out, as you could be liable! See our Be Waste Savvy page for more details.


What’s in ‘The Vehicle Bible’?

The Vehicle bible is a working folder. More and more important information gets added all the time. Please see below the latest contents:


- Companies House Registration Certificate

- Public Liability Insurance Certificate

- Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

- Upper Tear Waste Carrier and Dealers Licence Certificate

- Upper Tear Waste Carrier and Dealers Licence Card

- Environment Agency Registration (S2 Waste Storage Registered)

- Waste Code Lists


- (Blank) Waste Transfer Notes